Lagoniassa X JadeLaurice

The talented fellas of Lagoniassa' teamed up with me for this laid back urban street style shoot featuring the brands up and coming pieces from their slick urban line which is Lagoniassa. Specialising in ergnomically tested sports footwear and breathable yet stylish clothing. 

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Recently I've been wearing this gorgeous synthetic afro wig, in replacement of my real hair. Long story short I damaged my hair and this was my alternative to get it back! 
Cheapest wig I've bought too, if you want to see how this style looks on you its an investment.
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Hair matters

Some people don't understand and that's okay. The importance of hair is different for different people. My whole life I've been conscious of the politics of my hair and it's significance to my identity.  For years now I've worn wigs and hair extensions because I genuinely just adore the creativity that comes with hair. I get a thrill from experimenting with hair. 

Representing Pretty Virgin Hair (pvhgang) has been a dream, their hair is just stunning. I was sent 30" 28" 26" deep waved hair dark brown with a 12" closure. The packaging was so sleek, matte black with a ribbon tied at the seam. I strutted down Peckham holding the 300 grams of gorgeous vigin hair. One of the closest things a women will feel to getting a new barbie as a kid is the moment before her hair appointment. 

I've been wearing wigs for over a year now and it was the best feeling getting a new weave finally. I know a place in London that do my weaves for around £30- £40, depending on the type of weave and I opted for full head with a closure. The hair was down to my bum and the waves were all in sync even bouncing as I walked. 6 weeks later it's been bleached, washed dozens of times and blow dried but still the condition is lovely if not thicker. Just a bit of maintenance, including weekly detangling, conditioning and general up keep. Like I said some people won't understand but thankyou #PVH for making me feel like a queen! Because hair matters.

Poca X

Pretty Virgin Hair review & Hair care everyday routine