I love my new flares from Glamour Outfitters .. Can you tell?

Very recently I've grown to love the way my body is, not completely.. but enough to not want to hide my natural shape by wearing certain clothes. I'm not fat nor am I skinny.. but I never would of wore flares in the past due the fact I don't have a thigh gap (please girls you don't need a thigh gap to have nice legs) and I have a bit of a booty. Flares are said to be for tall people and skinny people (apparently) but I think styled right they can be for any shape.
Who said you can't get the biggest heels and show off them non skinny legs? I feel you can wear anything if you style it up a certain way. Confidence is also a key element you need when wearing anything. I own 3 pairs of flares now, high waisted, black jersey and now THESE low waisted denim super flares. They are obviously something which creeps up every autumn, with hippy / 70's vibes in every shop window.. however I don't think you always have to wear autumn browns with generic paisley prints. My styling was very simple as the jeans are very overwhelming anyway. I threw on a short sleeve turtle neck, jeffery campbell heels and my favourite 90s vintage hat. 

To shop for more flares, highwaisted, dark, light and 
less flared then click on the direct link 
below to see glamourOutfitters other styles.
 If not then I'm sure they have something denim you will love!


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Palm trees make California

Met the lovely photographer Danika Lawrence the other week and was lucky enough to ge photographed by her. We took a trip to Holland park 
Japanese gardens and went for a simple tropical concept for a quick colaberation.

You can find her on..


Wearing ://

H&M MENS - Top
URBAN OUTFITTERS - Smart trousers

PRIMARK- Pointy heels



So it's pretty nice being a blogger getting the odd freebies.. the excitement over a new FREE piece of clothing or makeup ect... But getting this little gift from Jelly belly was so exciting. I love sweets anyway but the little kid came out of me when I got these through the post.

Look I've tried Jelly babies and sugary sweets before.. I wasn't completly deprived as a child. I'm literally doing this small review because they literally tasted so good! haha!

The sweets come with a little hand book because not only do they all have their own individual flavours but mixed together they make whole new flavours. exciting right?! I was basically sat in bed catching up on first dates for a whole hour eating these things.. luckily I took a photo first!


Anyway thanks Jelly Belly 

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Comfy outing

Other than having the biggest guilty pleasure for all things camo we all know Khaki is everywhere right now so I only thought it was right to do a subtle post clashing the two. I thought this Michael Kors bag went hand in hand with my new Khaki lace up boots.. The colour palettes and fabric work really well together without being to Khaki overwelming.

This was a casual day so I styled them both up with a simple slouchy white shirt and a denim mini skirt. And can I say this denim skirt is something I've been apparently been missing out on for a long time now. I think the last time I wore a denim hipster mini skirt it was in the late 90s! But I love this one from H&M its so comfy and goes with every top in my wardrobe!


Photography all by Christos Markou


Colour codes / Autumn Winter look

 A quick autumn winter day to night look featuring some must have statement pieces and need to see brands. In this look I'm wearing my new fave green leather Mini skirt with a polo neck jumper, styling it up with a hot pink statement bag, knee high black suede boots and my usual oversized sunnies. 

                               Lovely photography by CHRISTOSMARKOU 

                                 Keep scolling to see what brands i'm wearing! 






FARFECTH competition post!

my competition entry for


I chose to collage both my illustration work and farfetch designer peices together to create a fun / dior esc vibe that is so on trend right now. with a vibrant colour pop and clashing textures.

Black is a colour that is for every season but when it comes to winter black is number 1. in this instence the black really helps focus on just the textures and accessories. I chose this gorgeous proenza schouler knee length dress for my main focus. the woven fabric is perfect for the winter season and its sheer pannels and simple ruffling gives it the detail that is needed. with this gorgeous dress i included some midi leather boots, a hot pink clutch and iconic eye symbol earings by kenzo.over accessorising is a crime most make so when the garments are as statment as these the jewellry needs to stay simple.

This is not only a style i would rock but a reflection of the diverse brand that is farfetch!


Bag Bugs clutch

quilted gloves

'Moira' boots

'Eye' earrings

woven asymmetric dress