I love my new flares from Glamour Outfitters .. Can you tell?

Very recently I've grown to love the way my body is, not completely.. but enough to not want to hide my natural shape by wearing certain clothes. I'm not fat nor am I skinny.. but I never would of wore flares in the past due the fact I don't have a thigh gap (please girls you don't need a thigh gap to have nice legs) and I have a bit of a booty. Flares are said to be for tall people and skinny people (apparently) but I think styled right they can be for any shape.
Who said you can't get the biggest heels and show off them non skinny legs? I feel you can wear anything if you style it up a certain way. Confidence is also a key element you need when wearing anything. I own 3 pairs of flares now, high waisted, black jersey and now THESE low waisted denim super flares. They are obviously something which creeps up every autumn, with hippy / 70's vibes in every shop window.. however I don't think you always have to wear autumn browns with generic paisley prints. My styling was very simple as the jeans are very overwhelming anyway. I threw on a short sleeve turtle neck, jeffery campbell heels and my favourite 90s vintage hat. 

To shop for more flares, highwaisted, dark, light and 
less flared then click on the direct link 
below to see glamourOutfitters other styles.
 If not then I'm sure they have something denim you will love!


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